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Mozambique Risk Outlook

Download a free issue of Zitamar Consulting's new monthly product

Dear Zitamar News Subscriber,

We would like to offer you a sample of a new analysis product, Mozambique Risk Outlook, from Zitamar’s sister company, Zitamar Consulting LLP.

Mozambique Risk Outlook is a monthly report which gives tailored, detailed analysis of developments in Mozambique which directly impact your business.

Please find a link to the sample report for May 2020 here.

This product is ideal for clients who:

  1. Need to keep on top of the political, industry and security developments in Mozambique that directly impact their interests
  2. Need a more in-depth analysis of events than those provided by Zitamar’s Daily Briefing
  3. Do not have time to read the Zitamar Daily Briefing everyday

How does it work?

Each month Zitamar Consulting will email clients with a selection of six to eight topics that cover the most important developments in Mozambique.

Clients can choose the three topics of most importance to them, and Zitamar Consulting’s political, security, economic and energy experts will compile a bespoke 1200-word report analysing these events and their relevance to your sector.

How much does it cost?

The report usually costs $600 per month, or $6480 per year (equivalent to $540/month). However, over the next 30 days we are offering current annual Zitamar News subscribers a 20% discount on these prices.

Current annual Zitamar subscribers can therefore receive the next edition of Mozambique in Depth for $480, or a year for $5200 if you sign up before the end of May.

Please let us know if you would like to discuss this further, or have questions about any of the other services offered by Zitamar Consulting.

Kind regards,

Tom Bowker, Managing Director, Zitamar Consulting

Leigh Elston, Managing Director, Zitamar Consulting,

Oscar Scafidi, Managing Director, Zitamar Consulting

P.S.: The May report is available for download here: