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At least one killed in insurgent incursion into Chiure

Insurgents attacked in the district of Chiure last night, apparently following a trajectory that in June led them to commit their first attack in Nampula province

Insurgents crossed the Megaruma river from Ancuabe into Chiure overnight between 31 August and 1 September and attacked the villages of Micolene and Muamula, killing at least one civilian.

Following the attack on the village of Megaruma A in Ancuabe on 31 August, the insurgents moved south and arrived just before midnight in Micolene village, approximately 10km from Chiure district headquarters, according to local sources. In Micolene, the insurgents beheaded a man who sold nipa, a local alcoholic spirit. No other damage to the village was reported.

From Micolene, insurgents continued 5km south and attacked the village of Muamula around 04:00, burning houses and cars.

Insurgents were last spotted moving further south in the direction of Nampula province.

Ancuabe and Chiure were first hit by insurgent violence in June this year, when a group of fighters attacked villages in both districts, including Micolene. The group then made incursions into Mecufi district, in the south-east corner of Cabo Delgado, and into Nampula province, in the Lurio village on the south side of the Lurio river that forms the border between Nampula and Cabo Delgado provinces.