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Kidnappings in Cabo Delgado spike as insurgents struggle for recruits

At least five people have been kidnapped by insurgents since Monday 16 October

Insurgent movements have recently intensified in Macomia

Insurgents have captured at least five people in the Macomia and Mocímboa da Praia districts of Cabo Delgado province since Monday 16 October amid reports that the insurgency is running low on manpower, local sources told Zitamar News.

At least three men were kidnapped by insurgents in the village of Awasse in Mocímboa da Praia on 16 October, a local source claimed. Four days later, two fishermen were kidnapped by a group of armed men wearing headscarves, believed to be insurgents, near the village of Litandacua in Macomia. 

Local sources also report that several fishermen have disappeared on returning to Pangane on the coast of Macomia. Pangane was evacuated on 20 September after insurgents abducted around 30 civilians from the area. Insurgents visiting Pangane often tried to recruit people from the village, explaining that they were rich in resources but short of fighters, a source told Zitamar

Insurgent movements have recently intensified in Macomia. Two hunters were beheaded by insurgents on 13 October near the village of Chai, around 5km south of Litandacua. Insurgents were also spotted passing through the villages of Nambo, Messano and Lumuamua near Mucojo on the Macomia coast on 19 October. They encouraged local residents to rebuild their homes, assuring them that the violence of the past is over, a local source claimed.

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