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A congestion solution?

The Maputo-Ressano Garcia railway is expected to be fully double-tracked by December 2023, increasing the cargo handling to 24 million tonnes. Will it be enough?

Transport minister Mateus Magala speaking with the media at the Port of Maputo yesterday. Photo © Faizal Chauque / Zitamar News

Good afternoon. Today, our Editor at Large, Fernando Lima, reports on plans to fix congestion on the N4 road and at the Ressano Garcia border. Plus, our usual news and analysis can be found below.

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From the Zitamar Live Blog:

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Transport minister Mateus Magala believes the solution for the congestion on N4 road and at the Ressano Garcia border will be found if more traffic is diverted from the road to the rails connecting Mozambique and South Africa.

Previously, other ministers and even presidents have advocated the same solution. But it seems business lobbies were speaking louder than politicians. This time, however, Magala does not need to use his arts as magician, as it seems the case for the sudden revival of airline LAM.

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