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Daniel Chapo: the choice that surprised everyone

Daniel Chapo is a surprise choice of Frelimo presidential candidate, but the party machine has succeeded in excluding unwanted outsiders from the job

Today’s front pages in Maputo. Photo © Faizal Chauque / Zitamar News

Good afternoon. Once again, an unexpected figure has emerged as ruling party Frelimo’s choice to be its presidential candidate. Filipe Nyusi was not seen as a leading contender to be Mozambique’s next president in 2014, and neither was Daniel Chapo this time round; he did not merit a mention in Zitamar News’ recent article looking ahead to the election. Indeed, Chapo himself, the current governor of Inhambane province, probably did not expect to be elected when the election process got underway at the start of the weekend. But in spite of this, the powers that be in Frelimo, Nyusi and the Political Commission, have succeeded in imposing their will, although that will had to undergo some changes in response to party pressure.

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The latest from Zitamar News:

Who is Daniel Chapo, the prospective next president of Mozambique?
Frelimo’s Central Committee elected Daniel Chapo as its presidential candidate on Sunday, making him the most likely person to be Mozambique’s next president

From the Zitamar Live Blog:

Zitamar Mozambique Live Blog
In other news, French prosecutors have opened an investigation into TotalEnergies over allegations of involuntary manslaughter and failure to assist people in danger, after workers associated with the Mozambique LNG project were killed in the insurgent attack on Palma in 2021. The story has been reported by AFP and Le Monde over the weekend.
Zitamar Mozambique Live Blog
Daniel Francisco Chapo has been elected Frelimo’s candidate for Mozambique’s presidential election in October, state broadcaster TVM is reporting, making him the most likely person to be Mozambique’s next president. Chapo, 47 years old and a native of the central province of Sofala, is currently governor of Inhambane province. A brief biography, circulating this evening, is attached.

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