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Did Boaventura Mucipo jump, or was he pushed?

The former TV anchor appears to have been punished for platforming views opposing Nyusi's potential bid for a third presidential term.

Today’s front pages in Maputo. Photo © Faizal Chauque / Zitamar News

Good afternoon. The fight within Frelimo over whether Filipe Nyusi gets to run again for president appears to have claimed a high profile scalp, in the shape of Boaventura Mucipo, the news and current affairs anchor at STV, the flagship channel for private media house Grupo Soico.

Mucipo has stepped down after 17 years with Soico, though for much of the last year he has been on gardening leave after publicising the intervention of Castigo Langa at Frelimo’s Central Committee meeting last year. Langa spoke openly of the danger of allowing a president to stay in office beyond the constitutional limit of two terms, and was reprimanded within the party for it.

Mucipo, for his part, has been frozen out of Frelimo events, prohibited from covering the Congress that followed the Central Committee meeting last year, and other meetings since. He has also been taken off the popular shows he hosted, in particular Noite Informativa.

Now, Mucipo says, he has quit the company, though it is not clear to what extent he was pushed to do so. He remains a partner at the influential PR company Mapiko, with Ericino de Salema and Jeremias Langa, and has been rumoured to be heading for a job with FDC, the civil society organisation headed by Graça Machel — which was recently in conflict with agriculture minister Celso Correia.


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