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Frelimo's private clinic

A new quasi-private healthcare facility, part-owned by Frelimo's holding company, has reopened questions about who should provide healthcare in Mozambique

The Clinica Marcelino dos Santos in Maputo, inaugurated by President Filipe Nyusi on Saturday

Good evening. A new clinic named after the late Frelimo grandee Marcelino dos Santos has generated controversy this week. President Nyusi inaugurated it at the weekend; it’s a partnership between Mozambique and Cuba. Indeed, Nyusi toured the facility last August in the company of the visiting Cuban president.

But the Mozambican side of the partnership is not the state, but rather the ruling party Frelimo, through its private holding company SPI. Marcelino dos Santos, one of Frelimo’s biggest communist idealists, would be spinning in his grave. Alongside Fidel Castro, perhaps.

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