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Judge, jury and executioner

The Mozambican security forces in Cabo Delgado are accused of handing out summary justice without challenge

Today’s front pages in Maputo. Photo © Faizal Chauque / Zitamar News

Good afternoon. Today brings news that four local traders on the island of Quirambo, off Cabo Delgado province, have been arrested without explanation by security forces. It is too soon to comment on the guilt or innocence of these people. But what can be said is that far too many people suffer abuses at the hands of the Mozambican forces who are in the province to fight the Islamic State-backed insurgency.

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Ex-mercenary pilot and police officer killed in Cabo Delgado plane crash
The South African pilot had previously flown missions for the private military contractor Dyck Advisory Group for the Mozambican police in 2020, but was no longer working for DAG

From the Zitamar Live Blog:

Zitamar Mozambique Live Blog
Today’s front pages Canal de Moçambique leads with the controversy over the profile of the candidate for opposition party Renamo’s internal elections, reporting that with the failure of the charismatic Venâncio Mondlane and Manuel de Araújo to meet the requirements, some party members may now support Ivone Soares, a member of parliament and niece of Renamo’s late leader Afonso Dhlakama, to run in the presidential elections on 9 October. Another headline has to do with a Maputo City Court of Appeal ruling that Mozambiques’ largest business association CTA must pay MZN24.3m to Mondego Group. O País leads with the government’s announcement of a commission of enquiry investigating a case in which South African tourists reported ill-treatment and illegal charges on Mozambique Island, Nampula province, at the hands of coastal police officers. Another headline has to do with a new shipwreck that resulted in deaths and disappearances on the Zambezi River in Sofala province. Notícias leads with a meeting between President Nyusi and the leadership of the World Bank, in which the financial institution recognised Mozambique’s role in supplying electricity to the southern African region. Another headline has to do with the expectation of the Mozambican delegation at the Miombo conference in Washington to mobilise more funds for the protection of Mozambican forests. Sign up to the Zitamar Daily Briefing for an in-depth look at the biggest stories in the Mozambican media every weekday 📷 Faizal Chauque / Zitamar News

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