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Five insurgents and two UIR killed in Nangade clash

President Nyusi also announced the death of insurgent commander Issa Wachio last week

The clash took place near Ngangolo village in Nangade district, marked on the map above

The Mozambican police Rapid Intervention Unit (UIR) killed five insurgents in an ambush near Ngangolo village in Nangade district on 24 May, but lost two of their own troops in the clash, sources told Zitamar.

The UIR, based in Namuembe, executed the ambush at around 11pm. After the insurgents withdrew, the UIR recovered food stolen from the local population, a source told Zitamar. The UIR also identified a collaborator who had been buying food for the insurgents.

The day after the clash, community leaders in Nangade told a visiting Zambian brigadier from the Southern African Development Community Mission in Mozambique (SAMIM) that the military should remain until complete freedom of movement is restored to the district.

Insurgents appeared to have left Nangade by the end of March but some fighters returned to the district in the middle of this month, briefly capturing 12 civilians in Nkonga village on 19 May.

Insurgent leader killed

President Filipe Nyusi claimed on 26 May that an insurgent leader named Issa Wachio was killed last week.

It is not clear how senior Wachio was but the Mozambican Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) identified him as a commander in Nangade district.

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