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Insurgents kill one man in dawn attack in Macomia

Insurgents attacked Quinto Congresso village in Macomia at dawn on Wednesday, killing one man, looting supplies and setting several homes on fire

Insurgents attacked Quinto Congresso village in Macomia district on Wednesday at dawn, killing one man, looting supplies and setting several homes on fire.

Zitamar’s source said the man that was killed was called Pang’ulo. When the insurgents struck the village, he reportedly tried to run away, leaving his house to hide in the bush but was shot dead.

Pang’ulo had been living in Quinto Congresso for three years with his family but was originally from Litandacua village, which is north of the administrative post of Chai.

The villagers had noticed flashlights and figures moving in the bush on Tuesday night at approximately 8pm but because there are military in the area, the strange movements did not alarm them.

The insurgents left at 7am stealing supplies of rice and spaghetti, as well as alcohol - Dragon and Royal beers.

Mozambican security forces and soldiers from the Southern African Development Community Mission in Mozambique (SAMIM) arrived at the village after the insurgents had retreated. A helicopter was seen circling in the area.

Six insurgents who were involved in the attack were pursued by military personnel, and later surrounded and killed by local pro-government militia near Chai, Zitamar’s source confirmed.

On Wednesday evening, the Islamic State terrorist group claimed three new activities in their Central African Province (ISCAP), one of which reported the execution of a so-called spy from the Mozambican army, in the village of Kint [sic]  in Macomia, with automatic weapons.

Zitamar’s source refuted the spy allegation saying, “Pang'ulo was known locally and he wasn't collaborating with the army,” reiterating that, “He was just a peasant, who left his area Litandacua some years ago and lived a normal life in Quinto Congresso doing farming.”

The attack on Quinto Congresso village follows Saturday’s report when two insurgents surrendered to local pro-government militia. They were taken to the district headquarters of Macomia town, where six women are also currently being detained.

Zitamar has learned that the six women were part of a larger group of 13, together with six newborn babies. They were reportedly first seen on the 3km road connecting Litunde to Chai on Sunday. They had fled an insurgent base in Mamadolo, which is also in Macomia district.

The women said they were experiencing acute hunger, reporting a scenario of famine at the terrorist camp because the group no longer had food supplies. They were initially kidnapped in Mocimboa da Praia and Mucojo.

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Article updated 11/11/2021 at 18:30 CAT, adding embedded tweet and editing the ISCAP claim.