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Mozambique defence forces find mass grave in new Mocímboa offensive

Mozambique government forces claim to have found a mass grave of 'terrorists' while out on a combat patrol over the weekend, where they killed a further six enemy combatants

NOTICE: Since publishing this story, a spokeperson for the Ministry of Defence has told Zitamar that is not an official website, and declined to confirm the information in our article. However, Lusa has reported the same information, citing a source in the Ministry of Defence.

Mozambique’s government security and defence forces (forcas de defesa e seguranca, FDS) said today they have discovered a mass grave containing an unknown number of “terrorists” killed in an attack in Mocímboa da Praia district in March this year.

The FDS also killed six members of the insurgency in Cabo Delgado on Sunday, 21 June, during a “combat patrol,” the government said today on a new website launched by the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior. [CORRECTION: The website does not belong to the government, and nor does it contain official information.]

The insurgents were killed along the E380 road, between Miangalewa and Awasse, and between Awasse and Mocímboa da Praia. During the attack, the FDS recovered materiel including a firearm, an ammunition magazine, and medicines.

The statement said the operations currently underway are aimed at finally dismantling a significant insurgent base known as Siri or Siria. The FDS have attacked the base twice “very recently”, the Defesamoz website said — claiming to have killed important leaders of the insurgency in the attacks.

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