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Tanzanian forces ambushed on the road in Nangade

Three insurgents were reportedly killed after they ambushed a convoy of the Tanzanian Armed People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) in Nangade district last week

A convoy of the Tanzanian Armed People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) was forced to abandon its vehicles when it came under attack by insurgents after leaving Nangade district headquarters last week.

A photo of the ambush, thought to have been taken from a helicopter responding to the incident

The TPDF convoy was travelling north from Nangade town, likely to the TPDF base at Mandimba, just south of the Tanzanian border, on the morning of 15 November when it came under fire from rocket propelled grenades and were forced to stop.

The Islamic State (IS) affiliated Amaq News Agency reported that three vehicles were captured along with weapons and ammunition. IS social media channels published images of the aftermath of the ambush featuring two trucks on fire. Insurgents can also be seen in pictures climbing on a seemingly intact TPDF camouflaged Toyota pickup with a mounted machine gun. The photo report included images of captured machine gun ammunition, at least one assault rifle and radios.

An aerial image reportedly taken from a helicopter carrying TPDF wounded appeared on social media showing the burning vehicles surrounded by men presumed to be insurgents.

Five soldiers were injured and three insurgents were killed, a local source told Zitamar News.