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The contagion of hospital strikes

If healthcare workers are successful in their latest strike, they could encourage other sectors to follow

Today’s front pages in Maputo. Photo © Faizal Chauque / Zitamar News

Good afternoon. Healthcare workers are due to go on strike from Thursday, in a dispute over working conditions in hospitals and pay (see below). Their union, which represents a broad range of hospital staff except doctors, last called a strike about this dispute last year. At the time, prime minister Adriano Maleiane intervened to negotiate with the union directly, going over the head of the health ministry which the striking workers apparently did not trust. The strikers ended up getting paid by the government for the period of time when they had been on strike, a notable concession which may have been related to the government’s desire to get them back to work to combat the cholera epidemic that was then in progress. 

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$20m needed for emergency farming aid in Mozambique, says UN
A report on Thursday said the funds were needed to support over half a million people affected by conflict and natural disasters

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Zitamar Mozambique Live Blog
Today’s front pages in Maputo. Notícias leads with intense rains in Maputo province which it says killed four people and affected over 12,000 families. Other stories cover the quality monitoring of fuel sold in Mozambique, and the government’s belief that the country will receive a “favorable outcome” in the “hidden debts” corruption trial in London. Evidencias leads with transport and communications minister Mateus Magala receiving holiday funding from South African company Fly Modern Ark. A second headline covers opposition party Renamo leader Ossufo Momade’s attacks on his leadership competition. O Pais leads with restart of the healthcare workers’ strike on Thursday, and calls for the removal of people living around the lower areas of a river in Boane, Maputo province, as they risk facing flooding from the Pequenos Libombos dam after heavy rains. Sign up to the Zitamar Daily Briefing for an in-depth look at the biggest stories in the Mozambican media on weekdays 📷 Faizal Chauque / Zitamar News
Zitamar Mozambique Live Blog
Bishop Carlos Matsinhe, the head of the Anglican Church in Mozambique and Angola, is to resign, according to a statement signed by him and released by the Diocese of Libombos, of which he is bishop. The diocese said that a service held on 14 July would mark the end of his term of office. Matsinhe has been under pressure to resign following his failure to challenge the results of the local elections in Mozambique last year, in his role as president of the National Elections Commission, in spite of overwhelming evidence of widespread fraud in favour of ruling party Frelimo. In November 2023, Matsinhe’s fellow bishops issued a statement calling for him to resign immediately. According to the statement, Matsinhe has been a priest for 45 years.

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